Split-It – Wear Now Pay Later

We split the payments, you control the rest.

When you don’t want a new loan, but still want control over your monthly cash flow, Splitit is the easy answer.

No additional interest or fees

Splitit allows you to pay for your purchase over time before accruing any interest.

No applications

You use your existing credit card, so there’s no need to create another account.

No credit checks

All you need is the balance available on your credit card.

How it works

It’s a new day for payments—one where you can earn the credit card rewards you love, choose the number of installments, and gain a level of control that traditional “buy now, pay later” providers can’t – or won’t – give you.

Splitit guarantees your purchase, by placing a hold on your credit card, while the total amount is outstanding. This is not a payment, it’s just a pre-authorization that allows you to pay off your balance over time, before accruing any interest. Just pay as you go and Splitit will re-authorize the hold and reduce the amount each month.


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