All of our watches are fitted with sapphire crystal or acrylic crystal.

Sapphire is a naturally growing crystal and the second hardest substance on the planet, so hard that only a diamond can scratch it. This is constructed of crystalised aluminum oxide and has the same physical attributes as the natural sapphire but without the colouring. The end result is beautiful, but more importantly hardly unbreakable. Sapphire rates 9 around the Moh scale (that’s the measures of relative hardness of materials) and it is just behind diamond which measures 10.
Viqueria Roma is equipped with a sapphire crystal.

For the sake of consistency, we think that a racing watch, due to its use during motorace activities, is more prone to day-to-day bangs, so we decided to fit every Viqueria Levante with a domed acrylic crystal. The advantages of that type of crystal is that it is more resistant to bangs and, if the crystal broke, it did not shatter into pieces.

Furthermore, if you scratch your acrylic crystal, you could polish out and “restore” its original appearance. For that reasons, Omega’s Speedmaster that went to the moon was selected for the Apollo missions partially because of the Hesalite (acrylic) crystal such that if it shattered in space, there would not be crystal splinters floating around the Apollo cabin. For years, most of the Rolex sports line possessed acrylic crystals because of these properties.