Stainless steel is among the most protective shields around. All VIQUERIA timepieces are manufactured in 316L stainless steel, the same steel used to make surgical equipment that’s ultra-resistant and never oxidizes. 316L steel is a grade of stainless steel, used to make surgical and diving equipments, that has extra-low carbon content and is extremely resistant to corrosion such as seawater or acidic liquids. Our steel is also magnetic resistant, unlike the general-use stainless steel grade of 201or 304L. With Molybdenum added, it gives 316L a better overall corrosion-resistant property than 304L. Plus, our stainless steel’s low carbon content makes it particularly resistant to corrosion from acids typically found in the ocean and in perspiration.

Corrosion resistance of austenitic Stainless Steels, such as 316L and 904L (used by Rolex), are very similar for all practical purposes in a watch. The tests performed which show variances are done in very corrosive chemical acids and bases. So, for the purposes of diving in salt or fresh water, there is very little if any difference that you will ever notice. But if you wear your watch in sulfuric acid or sodium hydroxide you will have much better results with 904L. Of course, the seals and internals of the watch would dissolve and your body as well! The hardness and other physical properties of the two Stainless Steels are close enough as well so that you will never be able to tell the difference. 904L is more expensive because it is not as popular in general application as 316L.