4 Mesmerizing Styles

4 Mesmerizing Styles

With the Levante we wanted to create a timepiece with a foot in both the traditional and the contemporary with a unique racing design. For Viqueria Levante we kept some elements of our earlier designs whilst developing a timepiece that stands apart, not just within our own range but also within the microbrand market it exists.

The All-New Levante is available in 4 mesmerizing styles:

– Meteorite: Genuine Swedish Meteorite dial encased in a superb DLC case;

Braveheart: Two color dial Cobalt and Silver with Red details;

– Panda: An instant classic, silver dial with black chrono subdials;

– Racing: Our DNA is in this dial, sunburst Racing Green with Black details.



This rock, born billions of years ago, traveled across the universe just to find its final resting place on your wrist.

The characteristic crisscross lines seen on meteorite dials is known as Widmanstätten pattern. They appear when a cross section of a meteorite is treated in a nitric acid bath or subject to intense heat. When the core of an asteroid cools, crystals of extraterrestrial minerals kamacite and taenite are formed. These crystals have varying resistances to acid and heat and is the reason patterns emerge on exposure to heat or acid.

On the All-New Levante Meteorite we have manufactured the dial with the rare but famous Muonionalusta meteorite, impacted in northern Scandinavia, west of the border between Sweden and Finland, about one million years. Since the textures are organic, another attractive feature for use is that each Levante meteorite dial will be unique!

Racing DNA

Racing DNA

It’s no secret that cars and watches have a longstanding history together. Racing cars depends on accurate timekeeping, and luxury motorsport watches provide precision in spades. Though most racers no longer need the wristwatch for timekeeping, this style still exudes cool.

The Levante is meant to be a true expression of what a Racing watch is.

  1. High-Contrast Dial
  2. Chronograph
  3. Tachymeter Bezel
  4. Rally-Style Strap

Diamond-Like Carbon Case

The ALL-NEW LEVANTE Meteorite style is equipped with a black and bold DLC case with mixed brushed/polished details m. When a watch is DLC-coated, it indicates that the base metal of the watch case has been chemically coated in a layer of extremely durable and scratch-resistant carbon particles.

As the name suggests, a DLC-coating is as resistant to scratches as diamond.

Diamond-Like Carbon Case