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It would be impossible to understate Italy’s contribution to style. The Southern European nation is a global leader in luxury goods for centuries.

From haute couture to innovation, Italian brands are behind some of the most desirable on the face of the earth and if you’re not already familiar with the best ones, you will be soon.

The journey started in 2012, when Nicolò and Omar, friends as well as watch enthusiasts, founded 2DStraps, an Italian brand that makes leather watches straps for luxury watches with top quality Tuscany leather. Their dream to build an authentic Italian timepiece comes true in 2017, when they founded Viqueria.

Viqueria is a start-up based in Voghera, Italy, a city close to Milano and hometown of the two founders Nicolò and Omar, with the mission to deliver to Customers affordable but quality and appealing watches, which does not cost an arm and delivers everyday pleasure to wear. The name of the Italian-rooted brand takes its origins from the ancient Roman name of Voghera, founded by the roman emperor Augustus.

We have decided to give to our brand the name Viqueria because we want to honour our Italian roots and we want to give to our future products a strong footprint that rise from our origins.

Viqueria is the ancient roman name given during Middle Age to the city of Voghera, located in the north of Italy far approximately 40 km from Milano. Our hometown was founded by Augustus, a Roman politician and general considered the first Roman emperor, controlling the Roman Empire from 27 BC until his death in AD 14.

Known in ancient times as Iria, it took its name from the river on which it was situated. During Middle Age it was destroyed by the Rugii, a tribe who migrated from southwest Norway, and it is next mentioned. After several lordships, it was acquired by the House of Savoy in 1743 with the Concordat of Worms. Five years later it became provincial capital and received the city status.

During World War II, owing to its strategic position on the roads Milan-Genoa and Turin-Bologna, it was heavily bombed by the Allies.


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