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The journey started in 2012, when Nicolò and Omar, friends as well as watch enthusiasts, founded 2DStraps, an Italian brand that makes leather watches straps for luxury watches with top quality Tuscany leather. Their dream to build an authentic Italian timepiece comes true in 2017, when they founded VIQUERIA.

VIQUERIA is a start-up based in Voghera, Italy, a city close to Milano and hometown of the two founders Nicolò and Omar, with the mission to deliver to Customers affordable but quality and appealing watches, which does not cost an arm and delivers everyday pleasure to wear. The name of the Italian-rooted brand takes its origins from the ancient Roman name of Voghera, founded by the roman emperor Augustus.

“We have decided to give to our brand the name Viqueria because we want to honour our Italian roots and we want to give to our products a strong footprint that rise from our origins.”

Viqueria is the ancient roman name given during Middle Age to the city of Voghera, located in the north of Italy far approximately 40 km from Milano. Our hometown was founded by Augustus, the first Roman emperor.

Known in ancient times as Iria, it took its name from the river on which it was situated. During World War II, owing to its strategic position on the roads Milan-Genoa and Turin-Bologna, it was heavily bombed by the Allies.

Main sights of Voghera are:

  • The Castle, erected by the Visconti in 1335-1372, containing frescoes attributed to Bramantino;
  • Palazzo Gounela, the current Town Hall;
  • The large Cathedral of Saint Lawrence dates from the 11th century, but was remodelled in the Baroque style about the beginning of the 17th;
  • The church of St. Joseph, with a noteworthy Baroque façade;
  • The suppressed church of Sant’Ilario, also known as Tempio alla Cavalleria or Chiesa Rossa (“Cavalry Temple” or “Red Church”), so called from the red colour of the brick of which it is built. It dates from the 8th-10th centuries;
  • The Historic Museum houses, among the others, the personal A112 car of General Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa, killed by the Mafia in 1982, and the weapon that allegedly killed Benito Mussolini.

Notable people born in Voghera:

  • Fashion designer Valentino Garavani, best known simply as Valentino;
  • The Maserati Brothers, automobile engineers;
  • Italian boxer world and Olympic champion Giovanni Parisi.


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