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"Scratch me if you can."


All of our watches are fitted with sapphire crystal, the most resistant crystal there is. Sapphire is a naturally growing crystal and the second hardest substance on the planet, so hard that only a diamond can scratch it. This is constructed of crystalised aluminum oxide and has the same physical attributes as the natural sapphire but without the colouring. The end result is beautiful, but more importantly hardly unbreakable. Sapphire rates 9 around the Moh scale (that’s the measures of relative hardness of materials) and it is just behind diamond which measures 10.

Generally there are three types of crystals used in watchmaking: sapphire crystals, mineral crystals, plexiglas crystals. Sapphire crystal is among the features that pushes up the price of top end watches. This is because of the need for expensive tools which use diamonds to cut and shape the sapphire and the craftsmanship involved. These are the reasons why typically sapphire crystal are used only in the luxury watch field. Generally, a sapphire crystal replacement costs upwards of $100.

Additionally, because it is so crystal clear, anti-reflective coatings can be added without any hazing or blurring of the crystal.

At VIQUERIA, we have chosen Sapphire Crystal as the choice of material. We want to provide affordable timepieces without compromising quality.